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2019-22 In a nutshellDownload TRADE WAR PUTS HUAWEI IN BIG TROUBLE Trade war between the USA and China has just found its next victim, Huawei. The company’s problems originate from an official statement made by Donald Trump in which he added it to the list of firms restricted from trading with the US. Following this order Google said it would comply and in turn restricted Huawei’s access to the Android system. You can only imagine the consequences. It means future users of Huawei smartphones will not have access to such apps like Gmail, YouTube or Maps. The only way the

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2019-21 In a nutshellDownload BILLIONAIRE PAYS DEBT OF 400 STUDENTS Access to free education ends in many countries at the level of high school. If you want to go to university, you need to pay and pay a lot. In the USA it is not uncommon for college graduates to start their adult life with a debt of $200,000. When you have to give it back your flexibility of what you can do in your life are considerably limited. In this light imagine how much Robert F Smith, a billionaire, a technology investor and one of most black philanthropists in

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2019-20 In a nutshellDownload EUROVISION SONG WITH DEEP MESSAGE Eurovision Song Contest is an event whose name does not imply Australia would take part in it. Yet Aussies have broadcast Eurovision in their country since 1983 and since then have developed big sentiment for it. In 2015 organizers agreed to include them as participants in order to commemorate the 60th edition and answer the needs of big Australian audience. The country has stayed in the game until today and is not going away until at least 2023. This year they are going to be represented by Kate Miller-Heidke (37) who

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2019-19 In a nutshellDownload GERONTOCRACY, THE RULE OF THE OLD While Ukraine chooses a president with virtually no political experience, Americans are about to face an entirely different dilemma. Ballot cards in the presidential elections coming in 2020 will most likely include two of these three names: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders. When Ronald Raegan (known better from the silver screen before becoming the president) won the vote back in 1980 the country was shocked that somebody who is almost 70 would hold such a demanding position, both physically and mentally. In 2020 Trump, Biden and Sanders will be

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2019-18 In a nutshellDownload RAPE VICTIMS ASKED TO GIVE POLICE ACCESS TO THEIR PHONES Police in England and Wales are going to ask victims of crimes to grant them access to their phones, especially e-mails, messages and photographs. Such consents will be taken whenever it is appropriate and may concern mostly victims of rape or other sexual assault because they often know the suspects. The victims may refuse or explain why they do not want the services to go through their personal stuff but then they must acknowledge the fact that prosecution may be stopped due to lack of crucial

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IN A NUTSHELL 17/2019 2019-17 In a nutshellDownload TRAGIC EASTER IN SRI LANKA For Christians Easter is the most important holiday of the year because it is when they commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday, which culminates the celebration, nine suicide bombers including one woman detonated explosives in churches and luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka, an island in South Asia. The attacks killed over 350 people and left over 500 wounded. Sri Lanka’s PM said in an official announcement the group responsible for the attacks was National Thowheed Jamath, a little-known, local Islamist terrorist organization.

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2019-16 In a nutshellDownload NOTRE-DAME ON FIRE Monday April 15, 2019 will remain in the minds of Parisians and Catholics from all over the world for a long time. On this date a fire started in one of world’s most recognizable and important cathedrals, Notre-Dame. The flames spread quickly and soon the whole roof was burning. Despite immediate intervention of over 400 firefighters it took 9 hours to extinguish the fire. To everybody’s horror, the spire and the roof of the 850-years-old building was completely destroyed. Luckily some brave priests together with firefigters managed to rescue some of Catholic Church’s

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2019-15 In a nutshellDownload TEACHERS ON STRIKE Although many hoped teachers’ strike during the national junior high school and 8th grade exams would not happen, the government did not manage to hammer out a deal with two biggest unions before April 8. As a result teachers started a protest for indefinite amount of time, i.e. until they are offered conditions which they accept. They demand PLN 1,000 of pay rise and the government says it cannot find some PLN 6-8 billion to finance such big increase of salaries. ZNP led by Sławomir Broniarz claims 70-80% of schools joined the protest

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2019-14 In a nutshellDownload GHANA: WOMEN FIRED FOR GETTING PREGNANT SHOULD GET THEIR JOBS BACK In Ghana’s National Fire Service there is a regulation from 1963 which says that a woman cannot get pregnant within their first three years of employment. Decades after the regulation was created it is still effective which Thelma Hammond and Grace Fosu learned the hard way after they lost their jobs back in 2013 and 2014 respectively. A few years later, in 2017, the women decided to sue the National Fire Service. A year later the court ruled what happened to the two firefighters was

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2019-13 In a nutshellDownload WANT TO TEST YOUR SOFTWARE? EMPLOY HACKERS Richard Zhu and Amat Cama have recently hacked into Tesla’s Model 3 web browser and managed to write a message on the car’s screen. Their achievement did not get them into trouble, though. Quite the contrary, it earned them $375,000 in prize money and the car whose system they broke. The whole situation took place as a part of Pwn20wn, a contest gathering the best hackers in the world. Within the competition the contestants are asked to find bugs in the products of giant companies like Microsoft, Apple or

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