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Services like Tidal, Spotify or Apple Music have been available for a good couple of years. Their idea is essentially the same: you pay a monthly fee for which you get unlimited access to millions of songs and tens of thousands of artists, alternative ones included. The database of Spotify, for example, includes some 50 million tracks. All services let users download their favourite music and listen to it offline. In essence, the idea is really promising especially for people who love music and buy many albums of their favourite artists. There is one disadvantage: once you stop paying, all access to music is lost. Google, the owner of YouTube, has come to a conclusion that they, too, should have a similar functionality. And now they do. Since May 2019 you can use a service called YouTube Music. The price is the same as in the case of competition – PLN 19,99. Everything else is also the same. The only difference is that YouTube music offers many videos related to particular artists which have been uploaded to the service like concerts or TV shows (they may disappear if somebody notices they violate copyrights). Will YouTube music steal the hearts of clients?


Taking into account our close cooperation with the USA in the last years, many saw the fact that every Pole needed to have a visa when going to America as a discrimination. After all, two US Presidents had promised to lift visas for Poles in the past, with no effect until November 11, 2019. Since that day Poland finally entered the so-called visa waiver programme, which lets citizens travel to the USA for business and tourism for up to 90 days without a visa. The only paperwork which one has to complete now is filling in an online application for ”ESTA” authorization, a document whose cost is 14 dollars and which stays valid for 2 years. That’s much easier and faster than getting a visa. Donald Trump says he fulfilled his promise which he made during his last visit in Warsaw. Poland could enter the wisa waiver programme because for the first time in history the rate of denied visa applications fell below 3%.


Working 40 hours a week is not a worldwide standard. There are countries where people less as well as ones where an average workers spends even 60 hours at work. Last August a Japanese branch of Microsoft tested an unusual solution for the traditionally super hard-working Asian society – they let 2300 of their workers have free Fridays while working the regular 8 hours on the remaining four days. Results? For-day workweek helped to increase productivity by 40% compared to the same period of 2018. What is more the branch saved 23% of energy and used 59% less paper for printing. Now the company plans to repeat such experiment in a winter month. Polish branch of Microsoft said so far they are not planning to introduce such solution but do not exclude anything. Julian Auleytner, the author of 500+ programme says in a perspective of a few years people in Poland should start working 35 hours a week.

Source:, an article from November 12, 2019 about for-day workweek


The 29-year-old British actress, internationally recognised for her Hermione Granger role in the Harry Potter series, has been a busy person since her early childhood. She has a degree in English Literature from Brown University and has been the UN Goodwill Ambassador advocating gender equality since 2014. On Tuesday, November 5th, she sat down to talk with the British Vogue Magazine and the world hasn’t been able to stop commenting on the interview since then. „If you haven’t built a home, if you do not have a husband, if you do not have a baby and you’re not in an incredibly secure place in your career, there’s this incredible amount of anxiety” says Watson [probably not exclusively] about herself. She then moves on to even more personal issues to say that – although she never believed in single people being truly happy – she now embraces the idea. She prefers calling herself „self-partnered” rather than single, as it is her well-thought-through choice. Since the interview – apart from the usual ridicule/laugh off response – she also continues to receive a huge amount of praise and support for putting the love of self and acceptance of oneself first.

Source:, a November 6 article on Emma Watson’s recent Vogue Magazine interview.


  1. Having a premium version of Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music or YouTube music is a good idea.
  2. People should have the right to travel and work anywhere without special permissions.
  3. People should work and students should go to school only four days a week.
  4. To be happy in life you need to have a partner.
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