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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan shocked the whole world on Wednesday January 8, 2020 announcing they want to step back from their royal duties. The couple says they want to become financially independent, follow a new working model and share their time between the UK and US. Even though Harry is sixth in line to the throne and so the chance of him ever becoming the king are close to zero, things like this have not happened in the past. Even more surprising is the fact that Harry and Meghan had not consulted their decision with any member of the royal family before posting it on a social networking site. The decision may be motivated by Meghan’s career as an actress, which came to a halt when the couple married.



There is little exaggeration in saying that South Korea has become obsessed with technology. The latest step down this road concerns job interviews. A lot of companies started using AI as part of the recruitment process and a lot of people are ready to pay a lot to learn how to pass a job interview with a computer. The firms do it because they believe ”competence of applicants cannot be properly assessed when they are deliberately thinking, responding and acting during interviews” and AI offers a way to analyze how people are reacting subconsciously and dealing with situations. Computers are good at detecting fear or joy and know better when people are genuinely positive or are just trying to make a good impression. Or at least that’s what software producers say.



Over the last weekend Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon) announced his company would donate a million Australian dollars (an equivalent of 690,000 American dollars) to help fight the crisis caused by the fires in the country. That sparked the reaction of Internet users who ridicule Bezos and say he gave way too little. They say Amazon is worth USD 930 million and Bezos himself has about USD 116 million and it is just immoral to give such amount. A journalist Brian Merchant calculated this compares to somebody whose property is worth USD 50,000 donating just 29 cents. Another calculation says the fortune of Bezos grows at a pace of USD 149,000 a minute, so he needed only 5 minutes to get his money from Australia’s donation back.

Source:, an article from January 13, 2020 about Jeff Bezos


Jan Komasa’s latest film has been both making money and enjoying critical acclaim around the world since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival on 2 September 2019. It was enthusiastically received at the Toronto Film Festival later that month and won 10 awards at the Gdynia Film Festival last October, including „Best Director” and „Best Screenplay”, the latter written by Mateusz Pacewicz. On Monday the film was officially nominated for the 2020 Academy Award in the „Best International Film” category. Inspired by true events, it is a story of a young man who leaves a reform school with a dream of becoming a priest. Although technically impossible (he is a convicted offender), through coincidence he manages to trick everyone into believing that he actually is a priest and starts his ministry at a small sub-carpathian parish. As Damian Jankowski of the „Więź” quarterly points out, it would have been easy for Komasa to settle for a black-and-white reality with a cynical church, sinning clergymen and mental constrainment of a small town community. Those looking for an anti-Catholic, or even anti-church film will be disappointed – it is rather a masterfully narrated tale of contemporary human condition and the (our?) need of being spiritually guided. On January 14th, one day after „Boże Ciało” got the nod from the Academy, Bartosz Bielenia was awarded „Paszport Polityki” for his role of the priest in the film. The 2020 Oscar night is February 9th.

Source:, an article by Damian Jankowski on Jan Komasa’s Oscar nominated film „Boże Ciało”


  1. Being a member of royal family is the best job in the world.
  2. A computer cannot assess a worker’s competence better.
  3. Rich people have no obligation to donate money to charities.
  4. It is too easy to deal blows to Catholic Church nowadays.
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