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On Tusday August 27, 2019 one of sewage tanks at the wastewater treatment plant ”Czajka” in Warsaw broke down. The plant was designed to be ready for such a scenario and directed the waste to the second tank. A day later the second tank broke down as well, a scenario nobody was prepared for. The administration of the facility took the decision to perform a ”controlled drop” of waste into the Vistula River. This means Poland’s biggest river is getting 3,000 litres of household waste every second. At the moment there is allegation the drop may include some industry waste as well. The situation surely is an environmental disaster. The pollution released into the water is dangerous for the fish and the flora, people should not enter the water, fishing is prohibited. Warsaw authorities assure residents drinking water is safe because water intake points are located above the drop from ”Czajka”. Residents of cities like Płock or Toruń are more concerned, but not all drinking water there is taken from the Vistula. Representatives of the Environment Protection say they have been informed way too late, over 24 hours after the malfunction of the first tank. The situation initially looked very serious because repairing the tanks may take weeks, if not months. Luckily, a temporary bridge is being built by the army with the intention of installing a pipe which will take the waste from ”Czajka” to the other water treatment plant located on the other bank of the river.


American state of Montana has just witnessed an unusual court verdict. The case concerns Ryan Patrick Morris (28) and Troy Allan Nelson (33) who were arrested for burglary and drug possession respectively. They both lied they were veterans in order to get smaller sentences. Once the truth was discovered Ryan and Troy appeared before court again. During the second trial Judge Greg Pinsky decided not only to punish them fairly, but to also emphasize the fact that they lied. In the light of his decision they will lose the standard chance to leave prison on parole after serving part of the sentence unless they fulfill a number of conditions. The most interesting one is that on every Memorial Day and Veterans Day they must stand for eight hours at the Montana Veterans Memorial wearing placards that read: ”I am a liar. I am not a veteran. I stole valor. I have dishonored all veterans.” As for other conditions, they for example have to write by hand the names of all 6,756 Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and serve 441 hours of community service (one for every soldier from Montana killed in combat since the Korean War).

Source:, an article from August 27, 2019 about men who lied about being veterans


With excellent speed of meal preparation, years of experience, hundreds of procedures, screens to order and a Drive Thru option, it seemed unlikely McDonald’s may be looking for a way to serve customers faster. And yet, they have already done so. It is called ”McDonald’s to go” and the first outlet of this kind has recently been opened in London on Fleet Street. The new chain is supposed to serve only takeout meals and substantially differs from a standard restaurant. Key changes include no tables, chair or even decorative elements. London’s McDonald’s to go features grey walls and floor, the only elements present being touchscreens for ordering. Needless to say, clients can pay electronically after which they wait to collect their food. The menu, by the way, includes fewer elements — only the brand’s key items like Big Macs, Mc Nuggets or fries. The whole place is smaller and less attractive, but first clients still describe the experience of being there as similar to the one they have had for many years. After all, we all go to McDonald’s to get the same food wherever we are, for predictable price and in predictable quality. Predictability level in this case remains the same.

Source:, an article from August 18, 2019 about ”McDonald’s to go”


There hasn’t been a better time to jump on the basketball bandwagon in our country in over 50 years. After winning its first World Cup game since 1967 (against Venezuela on August 31st), our team pulled off a major overtime upset against tournament hosts China, dominated the Ivory Coast and came back from behind to beat a legitimate basketball powerhouse Russia – all in the span of one week. In terms of the media narrative, the change has been astonishing: from a non-existant one to front-page coverage in the matter of days. Peppered with a disgusting behaviour of the Head of Polish Basketball Association in our locker room (captured on camera), Marcin Gortat’s sore-absentee tweets and a Chinese broadcaster breaking down in tears during a live post-game interview – it has been a joy to follow, not only for basketball fans in our country. Perhaps more importantly and regardless of the quarterfinal results, Poland’s 2019 Basketball World Cup performance so far is quite likely to generate some interest in the sport among young kids. It is amazing what a little bit of (unexpected) winning can do.

Source:, the official site of the 2019 Basketball World Cup in China.

/The last article written by Mateusz Pohoryles/



1. Sewage water should not be dropped into the Vistula River.

2. Making prisoners wear ”I AM A LIAR” signs is morally wrong.

3. Fast foods should be prohibited by the government.

4. Instead of supporting youth teams, governments should invest in national teams to attract children to play sports.

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