Eurovision Song Contest is an event whose name does not imply Australia would take part in it. Yet Aussies have broadcast Eurovision in their country since 1983 and since then have developed big sentiment for it. In 2015 organizers agreed to include them as participants in order to commemorate the 60th edition and answer the needs of big Australian audience. The country has stayed in the game until today and is not going away until at least 2023. This year they are going to be represented by Kate Miller-Heidke (37) who decided to surprise viewers with the subject she would cover in her song. It concentrates on post-natal depression Kate suffered from after she had given birth to her son, Ernie, in 2016. Kate describes the experience as ”losing her voice”, both physically and mentally. Depression meant 18 long months of being tired, feeling hopeless, unlike herself. The song, however, carries a positive message because it encourages all women to feel less alone, to talk to other women who go through the same problems. Kate advises not to feel ashamed and thanks her husband for support. End of depression meant a great burst of creativity which resulted in Kate winning the Eurovision nomination of her country.


The whole Warsaw remains shocked after the tragedy which took place on Friday May 10, 2019 in school number 195 in Wawer. According to witnesses after two teenagers had quarreled one of them took out a knife and attacked his schoolmate. The victim was stabbed a few times and despite immediate rescue operation died soon afterwards. The 15-year-old attacker was arrested. The court will decide if he will answer for his crime as an adult or as a person under age. The police took his blood sample in connection with the suspicion that he could have been under the influence of amphetamine. The spokesperson of the Warsaw Police Headquarters said the case will be investigated by a special team created for this purpose. Everybody agrees no such thing should ever happen in a school. On Monday May 13 the community of students from the school organized a march against violence. 


Danish users of Pornhub may have been somewhat surprised when they saw an off-colour ad of Joachin B. Olsen telling them to vote for Jokke (that’s the politician’s nickname) ”once they are done with the site’s services”. Olsen is a former Olympic shot putter and the ad is part of his political campaign. To make sure his potential voters don’t take it as a joke, fake ad or his competition’s doing he published a post of his Facebook profile saying ”Yes, it’s me on Pornhub”. The ad is intended to be a little bit funny but its aim is 95% serious. Motivating his decision, which raised a lot of controversy, Olsen said you need to go everywhere to win people’s support and they though it would be fun to place an ad on Pornhub. In terms of statistics the site is not the worst choice as it gets over 100 million views every day and Denmark is the 28th most visiting country. 


This year’s NBA playoffs have been causing basketball fans outside the US sleepingdisorders for over a month now. Each year the final round of games features upsets and spectacular plays by some of the world‘s most gifted athletes, but there has been one storyline so far this month that is new to the game and particularly jaw-dropping. On 13 May the first-ever Game 7 game-winning buzzer-beater sent one team (Toronto Raptors) to Eastern Conference Finals and the other one (Philadelphia 76ers) home. With zero time left on the clock and game tied at 90 points apiece, Kawhi Leonard launched a shot that bounced 4 (!) times on the rim before finally dropping in, over 2 (most electrifying, particularly for Toronto fans) seconds after the buzzer. But what exactly are Game 7s and buzzer-beaters? The final round of each NBA season is divided into best-of-seven series, where teams have to beat their opponents 4 times in order to advance to the next round. So if there is a 3-3 tie after six games between two competing teams, a deciding game 7 is played. A buzzer-beater is a last second shot that goes in as the end-of-game horn „buzzes”. Game 7s happen pretty often (133 times in NBA history), play-off buzzer-beaters as well, but game- and series winning buzzer-beaters are extremely rare. Michael Jordan hit the only other one in 1989 (just type in „the shot” in your youtube search engine), but that was in a best-of-five series. Regardless whether you consider it to be better than Kawhi’s or not, the 2019 NBA playoffs have,  so far, lived up to the expectations.

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