Matura exam is a relatively complicated one. Students can take exams in either basic or extended level plus two oral exams (in Polish and a foreign language). Since the exams started having one standarised form in every school candidates for universities in most cases do not have to sit any additional entry tests but are accepted or rejected based on their score from written exams. Universities usually counted points from both types of exams (basic or extended) using a special ratio, for example 0.8 for points collected in the basic level and 1.3 for points collected in the extended level. Despite one format of exam many lecturers have complained that students accepted for their courses do not represent the level of knowledge they would expect. To select them more carefully Jagiellonian University decided from this year on they would not count the score from basic matura at all. The motivation behind the decision is that the academy wants to put quality of candidates over their quantity. Representatives of the institution say so far they have not observed any fall in the count of applications sent. 


The situation on the IT market in Poland continues to surprise. Right now there are some 360,000 people who work as IT specialists, 250,000 of them are programmers. Still, we need about 50,000 more programmers. That is why companies continue to offer them better and better salaries in order to keep experts for themselves. Some say, however, that situation is slowly getting out of hands. We arrived at a point where an intern (!) can expect some PLN 3.700-6.700 gross of starting salary so remuneration of an expert must be proportionately higher. Professions which are in highest demand include Java Develpers, but companies need workers also in security, data management, administration of data clouds, everything. According to Forbes this led to further pay rises in 65% of positions available on the market. Some pay rises are really significant. Take FullStack Developers – some of them got even 4,000 more. If you are a Java Developer you start from the level of 8,000 in Katowice, 9.000 in Łódź or Wrocław and 11,000 in Warsaw. Best earnings even reach  19,000.  This is all good news for employees, not so good for employers. Will the pockets of Polish clients be deep enough to pay for such expectations?


The world of boxing remains shocked after the fight of Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Junior. Joshua was trying to defend IBF, WHO and WBA titles and his record until his 23rd professional fight looked impressive: he had won all 22 previous ones, 21 of them by knockout. On April 29, 2017 he beat the former undisputed world champion, Klitschko. In 2012 he won the olympic gold medal in London. The first person to defeat Joshua is Andy Ruiz Jr. from Mexico, who wasn’t planned for this fight in the first place. Athletically built Joshua was a clear favourite against Ruiz, who weighs about 120 kilograms. Joshua says he does not blame anybody for his loss and claims he did not have a panic attack. The difference in skills and experience of both boxers suggested nothing like this could happen, yet Joshua now has a bitter lesson to swallow. He already promised to ”readjust, analyze and do his best to correct it”.


If you think that humankind inhabited the Earth not long before or right when Messi and Ronaldo became its two most recognisable footballers, think again. Back in the 1980s and 90s there was an Argentinian who was considered must-see-TV even by people who knew (and wanted to know) nothing about football. On June 14, 2019 a Maradona feature documentary will be released in the UK and it is promising to be one for the ages. Directed by the Oscar winning Asif Kapadia (Senna, Amy) it tells a story of a legend turned „Italy’s most hated man” and than falling even further. Kapadia (as he apparently always does) spent years making the film, went through hundreds of hours of footage and made a documentary picture with „the pace and tension of a thriller.” It was already shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May and is described as a „gripping saga of sex, drugs and organised crime”. Oh, and there is apparently some decent football in it as well.

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