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by Ksawery Góźdź

Coronavirus has already appeared in the Nutshell magazine a few times. The quarantine related to it is still going on, and has just been extended. The perspective of staying at home all the time, being a key of social distancing, does not seem too exciting to most of us. Despite several appeals form the Ministry of Health, many people break the rules imposed by the quarantine. Now the Ministry of Digitalization joins the game, literally. In cooperation with TEAM Teatrikon foundation, it has come up with an interesting idea to make kids and teens stay at home, in front of the computer. Naturally, Minecraft needs no introduction. The game is very popular. And its official public server was opened on March 23. It is operating in a creative mode, letting players build whatever they can imagine. Later on a couple of works will be chosen and rewarded. However, this is just one part of the special platform created for this occasion, named Grarantanna (a fusion of Polish words meaning „game” and „quarantine”). Here you can also find historical quizzes, puzzles or workshops about making presentations. And that’s not all. Grarantanna also offers sessions of RPG (Role Playing Games) with masters for that kind of entertainment, while the ones interested in game developing can take part in Game Jam Online. A competition on preparing a computer game in 120 hours, on a given topic. The idea was already called “the best ever by the Ministry of Digitalization” and mentioned in foreign news. If you want to check it out, here is the link:



For a lot os businesses the strict rules imposed by their governments mean their business are going far worse than usual. To take just one example — owners of big shopping malls say most of their clients had to close for customers and just can’t pay the agreed rent. As a result, the mall owners get nearly no cash theses days. However, there are areas where the sales are going even better than usual. Everything which has to do with working or playing at home is now thriving. The obvious winners are companies like Netflix or Amazon together with all kinds of online platforms, delivery companies, producers of cleaning products. Peleton, a producer of high-tech home training bikes and treadmills had its shares jump 17% and Samsung noted a 20% jump in orders, some of which is for laptops for home workers. While most restaurants remain close Domino’s Pizza in the USA is hiring 1000 additional workers to meet the demand. Investors also got interested in golf, which apparently remains one of very few sports which you can safely play in isolation.



It is difficult to say what area of our lives will not be affected by the current situation, but lives of couples are certainly going through a test now. Spending the whole day or rather weeks together at home may be a blessing for many families who have had quality little time so far, but a true ordeal for ones where there was violence. Many couples face difficult decisions. I read a post of a doctor whose wife suffers from leukemia and once she gets infected with the coronavirus, she is very likely to die. Should he continue to work and put her at risk? After consulting his wife they took a decision together: he continues saving lives and they just stopped seeing each other, they live in different places and meet online. Another example is a journalist who works in Madrid and used to travel to Paris once a month to visit his girlfriend. Now such meeting will have to be halted for at least two months. Another interesting data comes from China where divorce rate after the quarantine has apparently largely gone up. Stay positive!



Imagine the Olympic circles keeping a safe distance instead of slightly overlapping. Imagine the red and yellow circles on the Mastercard logo drifting apart. Imagine Nike’s iconic „Just do it” slogan changed into „Just don’t do it”. Imagine the „US Open” tennis tournament changing it’s name/logo to „US Closed”, the renowned tyre company switching its name from Goodyear to Badyear, Manchester United becoming Manchester Divided, the Starbucks figure wearing a mask and, last but not least, Jerry West on the NBA logo lying down with a laptop instead of dribbling the ball. Slovenian designer Jure Tovrljan has redrawn all of them (and many more, with the exception of the Manchester example perhaps) to remind us of the dangers of the position we’ve found ourselves in. He says: „As soon as someone disrupts a visual message we’re all familiar with, we feel uncomfortable. So the altered logos can become a very strong attention grabber. These days, people can tend to pay more attention to big brands than to world leaders.” Meanwhile, MacDonald’s in Brazil and Coca Cola in the US have officially started running campaigns with modified elements of their logos. Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so do have a look below if you haven’t by now seen the concept elsewhere.


1. In the current situation the government should encourage kids to play computer games.

2. Prices of products should be fixed by the government or the time of quarantine.

3. Time spent together now will have huge effect on couple’s lives.

4. In times of crisis people pay less attention to world leaders.

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