After the brutal intervention in which George Floyd was killed streets of many American cities witnessed numerous demonstrations, which quickly turned into brutal clashes with the police. Situation is getting out of control and people not interested in fighting for equality are taking advantage of it, too — many shops have been looted.

Donald Trump condemns such examples of violence and demands local authorities regain control of the streets by sending as many armed officers as necessary. Well, he is right looters should be punished, but at the same time he said that if mayors and governors do not agree to send appropriate forces, he will use the US army and ”quickly solve the problem.”

Since American citizens are not used to tear gas, rubber bullets and curfews there is no surprise some governors were reluctant to send the protesters home by force. In a telephone conversation the President said they were weak and offered them the following advice: ”you have to dominate, if you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time.”

That’s the most difficult time for the USA for many years. The coronavirus led to over 36 million jobs lost, many lives lost and now their President says he will send the military against his own citizens. By the way: such a thing did happen in the past — in 1992 in Los Angeles the authorities had to use the army to stop the protests which started after a Rodney King (who was also black, like George Floyd) was killed by a policeman.



Ksawery Góźdź

Jessica Mercedes Kirschner is a fashion blogger and the founder of “Veclaim”, a clothing company known for high prices of their products (e.g. 239 zlotys for one t-shirt). Jessica while promoting her brand was referring to the economic patriotism and ensuring that her products are fully manufactured in Poland from natural fabrics. It was supposed to be a reason for the price tags which she would like to reduce, but it would require moving the production to China. That’s what we could hear in her last year statement.

About two weeks ago big doubts around the company’s policy appeared. They were caused by an Instagram publication from Karolina Doramadzka. The post was revealing a second label on a Veclaim t-shirt, this time with the logo of “Fruit of the Loom”, an American company operating on entry-level market.

The discovery heated up the atmosphere. Some journalists and other fashion bloggers started pointing out that the brand is not reliable and should be informing about any element imported from another country. Many people started commenting the situation online. Even the UOKIK, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, decided to examine the situation.

Finally, Jessica herself published a statement. She apologized and said that it was her entrepreneurial mistake. She should have worked transparently and communicated if her company was buying semi-finished products abroad and making their own based on them. She also has suggested she might have too small business experience. 

She also convinced everyone that the company decided to introduce a basic collection and was testing other companies’ semi-products on a small scale. But the key processes, like designing and paying taxes, did take place in Poland. The company is not going to reduce the quality or change its policy.

After this scandal was revealed, very similar ones started going public. A couple exclusive and designer brands have been accused of using Chinese products. For example Wishbone Fine Jewellery or Local Heroes. As soon as some products delusively similar to their offer started being discovered on AliExpress, they quickly were withdrawn from brands stores.



Zofia Ratajczyk

Hana Kimura was a 22-year-old Japanese female professional wrestler who fought for the women’s professional wrestling promotion – World Wonder Ring Stardom. She was also a cast member on the Fuji Television and Netflix reality television series called ”Terrace House” — a program in which six strangers share a house in Tokyo and seek love there.

Hana Kimura had been publishing disturbing posts on her social media profiles for some time, in which she stated that she might commit suicide. All of this was caused by hundreds of comments that appeared daily under Kimura’s posts and pictures. On May 23rd this year, the young star took her own life.

Before she died, she posted photos on Twitter to show how she was cutting herself. ”I don’t want to be a human anymore. I wanted to be loved in life. Thank you all. I love you. Farewell” — she wrote. According to the findings of the investigators, Hana Kimura committed suicide using a suicide bag, which means she died from suffocation.

According to the  News, the 22-year-old left several farewell messages, one of which can also be interpreted as a cry for help. On a piece of paper hanging on the door she wrote: ”A toxic gas is generated here.” There was also a note to her mother ”Thank you for letting me come into this world”. The death of Kimura finally prompted Japanese politicians to start working on procedures to prevent cyber-bullying, which goes hand in hand with increasing penalties for such an act. Let’s just hope that things will finally change.



On Wednesday, 27 May 2020, two outdoor lovers (perhaps in love with one another as well), a kayak guide Jessica O’Connor and a chef Dion Reynolds, both 23, were rescued by a helicopter from Kahurangi National Park in the northern part of New Zealand’s South Island after spending nearly three weeks in the wilderness [mind you: if something is called a national park in New Zealand, it means that it is probably wilder and prettier than a national park elsewhere].

They set off on May 9th with food for 6 to 7 days and on the third day of their hike got lost in the fog. Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Reynolds suffered a fall in which she hurt her back and he hurt his ankle. They then managed to find water, light a fire and made a wise decision to stay put. The rescue mission started on May 18th and after a week the rescuers were beginning to lose hope.

Then a search helicopter noticed smoke from their campfire and they were winched into a different aircraft shortly after. According to BBC, the seriously hungry and soaked wet pair hugged their rescuers — who in turn gave them chocolate bars. And if you don’t find this information noteworthy, the author of this article would be content if you just looked up „to winch” and „to stay put” and remembered these two terms for the rest of your lives.


  1. Violent protests should be stopped by the army.
  2. Paying much money for brand products is being naive.
  3. Online hate should be severely punished.
  4. People who travel to remote places should pay for their rescue missions.
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