A study published by claims being a mother is really hard work. Scientists surveyed 2000 mothers who have children aged 5-12 and it turned out that on average it takes over 14 hours a day seven days a week to fulfill all duties a mother has in her schedule! A plan of the day usually includes as many as 26 children-related tasks which mothers have to complete. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that they get up at 6:23am and complete their parental chores until 8:31pm. When asked how they cope with all this, women mentioned the help of coffee, giving children toys to play or Netflix to watch. Parents will surely understand that wet wipes also hold a high position in the ranking of time-savers. In all this rush mums need to try to find at least some time for themselves but usually they manage to get no more than 1 hour 7 minutes of it.


On Thursday October 25 2018 citizens of 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands will have the extraordinary chance to become a BILLIONAIRE, not a millionaire, overnight. That’s the day when Mega Millions’ (a lottery) jackpot will reach a stunning $1.6bn. The prize is so huge because no-one indicated the six numbers correctly for 24 draws in a row. Interestingly enough, the player who wins this time can ask for immediate payment of $900m or $1.6bn over the next 29 years. When there are more people who pick the lucky numbers the prize will be divided proportionately. The ticket of Mega Millions costs just $2 so it could be the best investment of your life. However, your statistical chance to win is 1 to over 300,000,000, smaller than the chance of being struck by a lightning in a given year.


This year November 11 marks 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. The day is a public holiday and people do not have to go to work. Because in 2018 it is a Sunday the government decided citizens should have more time to celebrate the unique occasion and Poles will get an extra day off on November 12. Many welcome the idea but there are also arguments against as a great number of plans people and businesses had for the 12th will have to be postponed. Opponents of the solution point out that each work-free day generates an economic loss of PLN 6.5 bn for Poland. The authors of the project heard the complaints of patients, some of whom had been waiting for consultations with doctors or operations for months, and introduced changes into the bill: this day public hospitals will work as scheduled. The same applies to pharmacies.


On October 2, 2018 a Turkish journalist Jamal Khashoggi entered the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul and disappeared. Shortly after the incident Saudi Arabia denied having any connection with the case and said Jamal died as a result of a fist fight which started inside the building. Mysteriously all videos from CCTV cameras disappeared. Khashoggi was an important journalist who worked very closely with the Saudi Royal family but last year stopped being appreciated by them and started criticizing the family by writing a column in the Washington Post. Now it seems clear he was murdered. Donald Trump said this was the worst example of trying to hide a murder in history. After initially accepting the explanations of the Saudi side, the USA now decided to impose sanctions on 21 people who are suspected to have taken part in the assassination.


Being a mother is more difficult than doing any other job.

(What duties does a mother have? Can being a mother be stressful? Does love for your children make the task easier? What jobs are more difficult and why?)

Winning a billion dollars would ruin your life, not make it better.

(Would you know how to effectively use such a fortune? What problems can result from becoming a billionaire overnight? Why do most lottery winners quickly stop being rich?)

Making 12th November a work-free day is a bad idea.

(Is it not too late to change plans of millions of people? Would there be more people happy about this decision or quite the contrary? Is 100th anniversary of independence an important moment?)

The whole world should impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia after the assassination of the journalist.

(Why is this assassination an international scandal? Do murders like this happen often? Is killing a journalist a more serious crime than killing a random person?)


to survey – przeprowadzić badanie, zapytać

to fulfill duties – wykonywać obowiązki

schedule – plan (np. dnia)

chores – obowiązki (często domowe)

wet wipes – mokre chusteczki

extraordinary – nadzwyczajny

jackpot – kumulacja

to indicate – wskazać

lightning – piorun

to regain independence – odzyskać niepodległość

to postpone – przełożyć

complaint – skarga

to impose sanctions – nałożyć sankcje

assassination – morderstwo


  1. How many hours a day does a statistical mother spend on taking care of her children?
  2. How much money could you win in the biggest jackpot in Mega Millions?
  3. What occasion did Poland celebrate on November 11, 2018?
  4. Why would anybody want to make November 12, 2018 a work-free day?
  5. Who was Jamal Khashoggi?
  6. What happened to Jamal Khashoggi in a consulate in Istanbul?
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