An Australian airline, Qantas, has just successfully tested the longest commercial flight in history. A Boeing 787-9 flew from New York to Sydney, which took 19 hours and 16 minutes in the air. The flight was not one which opens regular connection but a test flight. To make the journey safe there were four pilots on board, 6 other crew members and only 40 passengers. What is interesting the same plane could not complete the journey if there were more people or cargo on board. In fact, no other could. Planes capable of covering such a distance are being constructed by Boeing and Airbus. In this flight Qantas were trying to check how the crew and passengers will tolerate spending so much time in the air and crossing 15 time zones. If everything goes well and technology allows it, a regular, commercial connection will open in 2023. The airline is also planning to have a flight between London and Sydney, which is 500 miles more and, as a result, an hour longer.

Source:, October 20, 2019 about Qantas’ longest connection


Over the last years phones have become much more expensive with top models costing way over $1000. When the 5G technology is introduced the prices will jump again but even without it manufacturers will add another camera, a folding option or some creative gadgets which will keep the trend alive. In this situation more and more clients decide to sell their old phones when then buy a new one simply to be able to afford the transaction. In an interview for Business Insider Russ Ernst, boss of a data sanitization company Blannco, says selling your device may be a ”ticking time bomb”. The reason is that mobiles of today store a lot of ”sensitive information” such as text messages, emails, photos, bank account or payments cards. When the phone gets into the wrong hands even such potentially harmless information like GPS data can be used against you. In this light users should very carefully erase all the date before the sale. One should remember a factory reset often does not delete all information which you don’t want other people to see – do your homework and read how to do it well.

Source:, an article from October 21 about selling old phones


Each year the Netherlands celebrates a book week. The celebration is connected to literary festivals, meetings with authors, signing books and so on. The event can boast almost 90 years of tradition. Each year one of key elements is a ”book week gift”, a special novel written by a famous Dutch writer specifically for this occasion and given out free to the ones who sign up to a library or buy books. This year there is additional advantage: the Dutch railway company decided that people who have the novel of this year on them (Jas Van Belofte) and show it to a ticket inspector on Sunday don’t have to buy tickets. The author of the book also travels by train on this day and talks to people who have his work.

Source:, an article from April 1, 2019 about book week in the Netherlands


Coldplay is the most popular British band of the 21st century and most certainly the biggest-selling one: three of the top 20 UK albums of the past 20 years are theirs. However, the most recent one („The Head Full of Dreams” that sparked a 122-date world tour and made them a EUR 523 million profit) is already 4 years old. Last Monday one of Coldplay’s fans, a girl named Lena Tayara, received a typed, autographed letter through regular post in which the band announces the upcoming release of a new double album, its halves called „Sunrise” and „Sunset”. After posting the letter to her Twitter account in disbelief and near-certainty that it was a hoax, Lena was collectively reassured that the message was authentic. Rumours of the band’s return started circulating last week, when black-and-white posters appeared in Madrid, „showing Coldplay members dressed as a 1920s wedding band, sitting next to a man who appears to be the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, holding a saxophone.” As for the record’s content, Lena was only told that it would showcase the band’s „experimental side” and that it had a substantial orchestral element to it.

Source:, a BBC entertainment material from October 21, 2019 on the upcoming new album by Coldplay.


  1. In order to save the climate people should try to reduce travelling by plane.
  2. Selling your old phone is a good idea.
  3. Reading paper books will reduce every year.
  4. Having fans is the best part of being an artist.
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