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2019-15 In a nutshellDownload TEACHERS ON STRIKE Although many hoped teachers’ strike during the national junior high school and 8th grade exams would not happen, the government did not manage to hammer out a deal with two biggest unions before April 8. As a result teachers started a protest for indefinite amount of time, i.e. until they are offered conditions which they accept. They demand PLN 1,000 of pay rise and the government says it cannot find some PLN 6-8 billion to finance such big increase of salaries. ZNP led by Sławomir Broniarz claims 70-80% of schools joined the protest

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2019-14 In a nutshellDownload GHANA: WOMEN FIRED FOR GETTING PREGNANT SHOULD GET THEIR JOBS BACK In Ghana’s National Fire Service there is a regulation from 1963 which says that a woman cannot get pregnant within their first three years of employment. Decades after the regulation was created it is still effective which Thelma Hammond and Grace Fosu learned the hard way after they lost their jobs back in 2013 and 2014 respectively. A few years later, in 2017, the women decided to sue the National Fire Service. A year later the court ruled what happened to the two firefighters was

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2019-13 In a nutshellDownload WANT TO TEST YOUR SOFTWARE? EMPLOY HACKERS Richard Zhu and Amat Cama have recently hacked into Tesla’s Model 3 web browser and managed to write a message on the car’s screen. Their achievement did not get them into trouble, though. Quite the contrary, it earned them $375,000 in prize money and the car whose system they broke. The whole situation took place as a part of Pwn20wn, a contest gathering the best hackers in the world. Within the competition the contestants are asked to find bugs in the products of giant companies like Microsoft, Apple or

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READ IN PDFDownload AMERICAN MUM LEFT HER CHILDREN AND WENT ON HOLIDAYS Last August Chrystal Walraven, a 28-year-old mum from Texas, went on holiday to North Carolina leaving at home her five children. The kids were 13 months, 3, 6, 10 and 12 years old. When the headmaster of the school one of the older children attended heard the kid was tired after changing the sister’s diapers at night, he called the police. Authorities contacted the father who claimed he had moved out of home and said a neighbour was taking care of the kids. Police officers rushed to the

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READ IN PDFDownload IN A NUTSHELL 11/2019 TEACHERS PREPARE FOR STRIKE DURING EXAMS The schedule of exams this year is more complicated than usual because there will be two exams ending the same stage of education instead of one: on April 10-12 students of junior high school will take the tests and on April 15-17 turn will come for their younger colleagues who graduate from primary school after 8 years of learning. The already difficult situation may be considerably complicated by the strike of teachers who have fought for a pay rise for several months. Until now negotiations with the

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IN A NUTSHELL 10/2019 READ IN PDFDownload TESLA SHUTS DOWN STORES AND SELLS CARS ONLY ONLINE It has always been Elon Musk’s dream to produce a vehicle which would become the Ford T of electric cars. Models S and X sell well but they are way too expensive even for an average American to afford. The hope lies in the new Model 3 which was supposed to cost roughly half of the money customers pay for model S. To further reduce the starting price of $42,900 Tesla wants to close most of its stores and persuade clients to buy their

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IN A NUTSHELL 9/2019 READ IN PDFDownload COLD WAR WITHOUT AN OSCAR Since the director of Cold War already got an Oscar for Ida back in 2015 many hoped the 2019 Oscars would also be successful for Polish cinematography. Such expectations were further fueled by the fact that Cold Was is a very artistic movie, one appreciated by critics and already given awards at big festivals. It was Cold War that made Joanna Kulig a worldwide star. However, shortly before the ceremony producers of the film still maintained it wasn’t a favourite. The Academy decided the best foreign language film

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IN A NUTSHELL 8/2019 READ IN PDFDownload NIK: MATHS MATURA SHOULD BE SUSPENDED According to present regulations students who graduate from high school are required to pass final exams (matura) in three compulsory subjects: Polish, a foreign language and mathematics. Over the years 2015-2017 Supreme Audit Office (NIK) observed a group of high schools as well as matura exam results and came to the conclusion that taking a maths exam should not be mandatory, at least for some time. NIK experts draw the attention to the fact that one in six high school graduates fails this exam whereas results in

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IN A NUTSHELL 7/2019 READ IN PDF 2019-7 In a nutshellDownload FACEBOOK MAY ENGAGE INTO FIGHT WITH ANTI-VACCINE GROUPS Even though it is a well-proved, scientific fact that vaccines helped to eliminate some deadly diseases entirely, the number of people who perceive vaccines as a threat rather than remedy is growing. One of the ways such conviction spreads are Facebook groups and that’s why American politicians and experts push the company to engage into fight with such untrue information. To limit the impact of anti-vaccine groups Facebook is considering two solutions. In the first one anti-vaccine groups will not appear

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IN A NUTSHELL 6/2019 READ IN PDF 2019-6 In a nutshellDownload 16 MILLION ZLOTIES IN THE LAST COLLECTION CAN Following the murder of mayor Adamowicz one volunteer who helped to raise funds for the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Patrycja Krzemińska, had an idea: to honour his memory and help the organization let us collect a thousand zlotys for the can he was supposed to fill with money. She started the collection on Facebook but, as she later admitted, did not hope she would manage to raise the full sum. Her initiative quickly spread among her friends and later went

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