Saving as much money as possible is the right approach to life.(na podstawie Nutshell 25/2020-21)

AUTOR: Filip, 2LO

Błędy są naturalną częścią procesu uczenia się. Nie boimy się ich. 

Publikujemy wybrane prace uczniów, aby docenić ich zaangażowanie i rosnące umiejętności. Dlatego też nie przechodzą one wnikliwej analizy korektorskiej. Jeśli coś jest nie tak, napisz do Nas.

The pandemic has affected most people in the world. COVID-19 still has a very bad impact on the economy and practically everything else. A lot of people have lost their money or jobs. In this case, it is worth having some money saved for the rainy day. If possible, we should always have some savings because life is unpredictable and we do not know what awaits us. Yet, is economizing as many funds as possible the right approach to life?

Firstly, if saving is the only purpose in your life, you will miss life itself. You will get old and even if you have cash, you will not be able to buy your youth. You have to know how to save money but you also must know how to spend them to enjoy your life. If you forgo simple pleasures or moments of craziness, in the future you will not be able to say that you lived a full life.

Secondly, some people say that when they retire, they will spend all the money they have accumulated during their entire life. Perhaps such individuals exist, but certainly only a few. If we get used to saving and do it for a long time when the moment to use the funds comes we will still choose to be frugal. Retirement will not help. The only conclusion is that you can save all the time and die before you used the fruit of your effort.

Lastly, some people live alone, they do not have many relatives so they can save regularly. However, most people over time will have their own families and children. Children require care, attention, but also big financial resources. You will not refuse to buy a new toy and, with age, your offspring will need more and more. I do not say that it is impossible to save money when you have a child, but it is surely harder.

In conclusion, saving has its merits, but you should not limit yourself all the time because something tells you to economize. You should look for the golden mean and put some money aside, but only as much as necessary. Life is short, you should make the most of it. You will not take money with you to the grave.