In the 21st century, women have the same rights as men.

(na podstawie Nutshell 25/2020-21)



Błędy są naturalną częścią procesu uczenia się. Nie boimy się ich. 

Publikujemy wybrane prace uczniów, aby docenić ich zaangażowanie i rosnące umiejętności. Dlatego też nie przechodzą one wnikliwej analizy korektorskiej. Jeśli coś jest nie tak, napisz do Nas.


Nowadays, gender equality is a very trendy topic. It often appears in a social discussion due to various events, such as women’s marches, scandalous incidents of violence against women and many more. Sometimes people say that talking about this topic makes absolutely no sense, because in European countries in the face of the law women have the same rights as men. Although, in my opinion, gender equality is not only about an official statement of a government of some country, but more about what it all looks like on a daily basis. If we look at this aspect from this perspective I will dare to say that gender equality is still not achieved.

Firstly, let us start with the very beginning of a woman’s life, which is her childhood. From right then, young girls are forced into fitting stereotypes about their sex. They are less encouraged than boys to take part in any kind of competition, is it expected from them to put an immense attention to their physical appearance, even avoiding some kind of plays because of it. To add more, girls are supposed to walk down the path of “being a good girl”. This statement, looking like a harmless piece of advice, may cause a lot of problems in the future, both in the professional and private sphere of life, because a “good girl” does not fight for anything, even when she deserves it and sacrifices herself for others, ignoring her own needs.

Furthermore, an obvious example of discrimination against women is the pay gap. I am not talking about statistics here, because certainly women more often just choose less profitable jobs, although this partially has to do with general gender inequality. I mean examples when women do exactly the same job as men, but they get a smaller salary for it. The reason for it are stereotypes and partially women who are not willing to negotiate as much as their male colleagues. Yet, who can blame them, when this is simply the result of the way they were brought up.

Last but not least, men generally are privileged in almost every aspect of life. They do not have to worry about walking home alone late at night, their rights being used as a weapon in a political debate, being catcalled when just casually walking down the street. They do not have to prove their worth, due to their being ugly or “too pretty”, because then people just right away assume that they are stupid. Men have the privilege to simply not have to think about many things and that is why they very often do not know what women want when they talk about equality. Men simply do not realize how it is to be discriminated against at some level almost every day.

Summarizing, I think that situation of women still improves. It is a process, which has been going on now for a very long time. Of course, it is better than it used to be, but we surely cannot yet rest on our laurels. There is still a lot of work to do, the most with people’s way of thinking about gender in general. That is why I think it is so hard to achieve this equality even though we live in the 21st century.