It is easy to keep a healthy lifestyle these days. 


AUTORKA: Natalia, 2LO


Błędy są naturalną częścią procesu uczenia się. Nie boimy się ich. 

Publikujemy wybrane prace uczniów, aby docenić ich zaangażowanie i rosnące umiejętności. Dlatego też nie przechodzą one wnikliwej analizy korektorskiej. Jeśli coś jest nie tak, napisz do Nas.


A healthy lifestyle is a way of life that aims to ensure optimal health and minimize the risk of developing diseases called social ones. Such conditions include primarily cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, bronchial asthma, as well as cancer. Our health is primarily influenced by diet, sleep length, physical activity and the use of stimulants. Is it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle nowadays? Does the progress of civilization make it easier or more difficult for us?

The basis of it is a good diet. Today it is much easier to eat in a balanced way. If we can afford it, we can even use box diets. They save a lot of time. However, it is not the case that if we do not have the funds to order meals prepared and packed by professionals then we can not eat healthily. It will, of course, take us a little more time. You can use the simplest, local and cheap products. It is true, though, that we are very tempted by fast food and a great selection of sweets, but let us remember that if we do not consume them excessively, they will not do us much harm.

An important element of a healthy lifestyle is the right amount of sleep, during which the body regenerates and the brain rests. It is clear that sleep is free and it is our decision how much we will sleep on a given day. Here there may be a problem with the lack of time – in particular due to work or school. However, it is better to be well-rested and do less (but in better quality) than to be sleepy all day and make a lot of mistakes.

Regular exercise – walking, cycling, rollerskates, running – prevents the accumulation of body fat and becoming overweight. During physical exercise, blood flows faster in the blood vessels, thanks to which the tissues are better oxygenated. Playing sports can be associated, for example, with going to a gym and spending money on a pass. However, this is only necessary for professional sports. If we do it only for our health, our own house, backyard or street in the city is enough.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle is quite simple to maintain nowadays. We have a lot of opportunities, which can make it very easy for us. The biggest problem may arise with the diet, but you should simply use 80/20 tactics (80% healthy products and 20% recreational products) and remember that everything is for people and you just need to know moderation.