You can be happier if you change the way you think.

AUTORKA: Paulina, 2LO

Błędy są naturalną częścią procesu uczenia się. Nie boimy się ich. 

Publikujemy wybrane prace uczniów, aby docenić ich zaangażowanie i rosnące umiejętności. Dlatego też nie przechodzą one wnikliwej analizy korektorskiej. Jeśli coś jest nie tak, napisz do Nas.


Happiness is one of the most wanted feelings. Everything around you is incessantly telling you to be happy. The pressure to fulfil this expectation is so huge that even when you are already happy, you just do not know if this is enough. As a result, most people are not satisfied with their lives. How can you help yourself? Can you become happier if you just change the way you think?

First of all, people often make their happiness dependent on their life situation. They say “I will be happy when I get that job”. If you truly want to feel that way, then you obviously have to stop making conditions. It is about finding out that weaknesses and failures should make you stronger, not weaker. Life is full of unpredictable situations and when you make your happiness depend on your own inner plan then you will be surprised how sad you are.

Moreover, people like to justify their negative way of thinking. They say “I am not happy, because I am alone”. But how could you be happy with someone when you are not even happy with yourself? Those around you can support you, they can be there when you need them, in your breakdown moments, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to rely on yourself the most. You have to be able to look in the mirror and say that you are satisfied with what you see. Otherwise, you will be bringing other people down instead of giving them an opportunity to develop.

In my opinion, being happy is a decision. A decision that you make and you work on. When you are truly reconciled with yourself then happiness and peace are coming. In different scenarios, it is just a temporary contentment. However, this vision without a doubt is highly idealized and we all know how life actually works. We have to remember as well that there is nothing wrong with feeling sad, but we have to be able to notice the time when moments of unfounded sadness start to become a permanent feature of our character.